Dedicated to the Estrela Mountain Dog

Estrela Mountain Dog

Club (UK)

Kennel Club Registered


Learn more about showing within the UK and abroad, follow show results and join in!


Take part in our amazing events. Showing, fun shows, games, casual meets, camping and more!


Learn about us and the breed. Health, Well-being, our roles within the club and more.


President:  Carla Molinari (PT)

Patron:  Jeronimo Augusto (PT)

Hon. Chairman (Pro-tem):  Peter Edwards

Hon. Secretary (Pro-tem):  Camille Lambert

Hon. Treasurer:  Ana Rita Vidal


Marcia Dovey

Pedro Silva

Gill Douglas

Nichola Marshall

Kelly Bailey

Rebecca Roberts

Other positions
Rescue:  Rescue@emdc-uk.com

Estrela Mountain Dog Welfare & Rescue
Puppy Co-ordinator:  Rebecca Roberts
Short Coat Co-ordinator:  Gill Douglas
Health Co-ordinator: Nichola Marshall
Newsletter:  Ana Rita Vidal
Club Shop:  Marcia Dovey
Webmaster:  Kelly Bailey



We are a UK, Kennel Club registered club dedicated to the Estrela Mountain Dog.

The club is run by an enthusiastic group of people, all bringing a little something to the team.
Some of us have been involved with Estrelas for over 40 years, and some of us are brand new to the breed.

We have a great wealth of knowledge between all of us, and we're here to help and share!!!

Whether you want an Estrela as a pet, to show or just simply admire them from a distance.