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Links to websites, books, information of interest to owners & admirers of the Estrela Mountain Dog

If we have missed any, please do contact me for committee approval and publication

Training Dogs, especially Estrela Mountain Dogs

Care for Reactive Dogs CARE  stands for Counterconditioning and Positive Reinforcement (R+) are Essential for reactive dogs. CARE condenses Counterconditioning, Desensitization and training of more acceptable behaviors into a user-friendly, 3-phase protocol.

Website of Jane Killion – author of ‘When Pigs Fly‘ Training Success with Impossible Dogs. Anyone who has owned an Estrela knows that they are ‘free thinkers’ and as such can be challenging to train – Jane’s book is written for owners of such challenging dogs.

Learning About LGDs (Facebook Group) Although your EMD is highly unlikely to be a working LGD in the full sense of the word, there is lots of useful information on this group which will help you to understand your Estrela better; most members of this Facebook group are in USA but in most instances that doesn’t detract from the usefulness of the information

Learning About LGDs (website) Since the Estrela Mountain Dog is undoubtedly an LGD (Livestock Guardian Dog), you can glean lots of useful information which will help you to understand why your EMD does certain things and reacts in certain ways

Links relevant to Estrela Health

The British Veterinary Association BVA

Online EMD Health Survey 2018 – open to all (Now Closed)

General Links

The Kennel Club

Higham Press – Dog Show Information/Entry/Results

Fosse Data – Dog Show Information/Entry/Results

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