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Estrela Rescue & Rehoming

The EMDC (UK) will endeavor to assist in the re-homing of any Estrelas which are unfortunate enough to find themselves in need. If you find yourself in the position of needing assistance to re-home an Estrela, or maybe you are just looking for temporary cover, please contact us and we will do what we can to help.

The Committee realises that we all have changes in life which can occasionally cause us to have to make tough choices. We will not judge you, our sole interest is to help to find any dogs a permanent, loving home.

Any dog which is re-homed by the EMDC (UK) and has KC papers available, will have them withheld. These papers will become the property of the EMDC (UK).

Please email either the Rescue Co-ordinator (call 07947 575249) or the Estrela Mountain Dog Welfare & Rescue   if you need help, or if you are interested in helping an Estrela in need by fostering or adopting.




Actively seeking new home - Currently in foster care


Vasco has been in foster for a while now and is ready for homing!

He's a fantastic dog with a loving temperament. He gets very attached to his humans and has previously had separation anxiety, which is much better now, but his new family must be aware that his training routine has to be consistent to prevent him reverting back. At his previous home Vasco was quite selective with dogs, but he has been fine with dogs whilst in foster, so we believe that is linked to anxiety. Vasco is great with children and very gentle. We know Vasco's breeding history and he comes from hip scored parents in Portugal. Vasco's new humans should have experience with big dogs and be happy to continue his training throughout his life. We will offer rescue backup and support for his whole life.

Vasco is neutered and has no know health issues.

Vasco's foster family describe him as a cracking dogs and a perfect gentleman. Vasco is currently on foster in Lincolnshire. Message us to apply for Vasco.

Get in touch.


Now Homed - Location - UK Mainland


Loba is a spayed, 3-year-old female born in the UK and currently living in Cheshire. Her owners described her as the most loving / loyal companion, however sadly a change in home circumstances has meant her owners have had to take the heart-breaking decision to rehome her.

Like many Estrela’s she can be a little timid towards people she first meets but is then the most wonderful, friendly dog! She’s brilliant at home and may bark if she’s the only dog left alone at home. She’s used to having another male dog as company. She’s met children but never lived with them, and hasn’t been introduced to cats.

Loba will need a secure garden. Like many Estrela’s she has poor recall if she sees anything stimulating, so is only allowed off-lead in secure hired areas.

She has played with numerous dogs off lead in a secure field when introduced correctly but is reactive to other dogs when on a lead. She’s responsive to treats / training to keep her attention, but the new owner will need to be aware of and manage this. She can also be reactive to other stimulants such as cats etc, but again she’s responsive to training and manageable. When calm, she walks perfectly on a lead and doesn’t pull, knowing all basic commands well.

Healthwise, she has shown some allergies towards foods and can itch at various times of the year. She’s never done this so much that it’s caused hair loss etc. and as a precaution her owners have taken preventative action with monthly injections and an allergy diet, so whilst she might benefit from continuing with this, it’s also possible that it might not be needed in a new environment. In addition, she has mild hip dysplasia, which was treated with care / physio as a young dog and now requires no treatment at all, however, to maintain this she will need an active home with plenty of walks to keep her well-muscled.

We are looking for a foster placement or a foster with a view to a permanent home. Please drop us a message if you think this lovely fawn lady could be the one for you
Find out the latest about Loba here:


Now Homed - Location - Portugal

Screen Shot 2021-08-30 at 08.57.39.png


Nadja was found wandering on the road. No owner, no identification, only makrs of a too tight collar, but not wearing it. Very people orientated so that she was easily picked up and taken to the shelter. She is very relaxed and social with humans and other dogs. Cats, we don't know. Walks well on lead.

We are looking for a family familiar with the breed and large dogs, with plenty of space and time to adapt to life in a home.

Nadja's estimated date of birth is mid 2019. She weighs 37kg and is 60cm at the shoulder. She has single dew claws. Colour is typical Fulvo/Lobeiro. Fully vaccinated, chopped. Negative for Leishmaniasis and heartworm.


Now Homed



Jopa is looking for his forever home. He is an Estrela x Alentejo and he's 1.5 yrs old and neutered.

Jopa is being rehomed due to a change of circumstance for his owner and this is a very reluctant rehoming. Jopa loves the outdoors so is looking for a home where he will get plenty of walks. He's friendly with dogs he meets and he is still quite puppy like, but as all LGD breeds, this might change as he matures. We would like Jopa to be an only dog, as he has showed signs of resource guarding both food and toys around other dogs in the home. He has never lived with children but is friendly, so sensible well trained children in the family could be considered. Jopa is a friendly and happy dog who is very food motivated and trainable, he will be an excellent companion for an experienced guarding dog owner.

True to his breeds he enjoys routine and predictability as well as plenty of time outdoors. If you would like to be considered for Jopa, please fill out the form on our page.

Currently being fostered in the North West.
If you would like to be considered please fill out the adoption form, which can be found via the sign up button on the EMDW&R facebook page. If you have completed this previously, please send us a message so we can re-visit your application.

Please contact the Estrela Mountain Dog Welfare and Rescue who we now work alongside, they are in ownership of Jopa. *Jopa bought to us through the Estrela Mountain Dog Welfare and Rescue.

Rose & Blase

Now Homed


Rose and Blaise, who are sisters from different litters. Both were bred by Trisha Dean at Asterel. Rose is 6 and Blaise 5 and have been spayed.

Due to a traumatic change in circumstances their family are unable to keep them. As they have had both dogs since puppies, they would love them to stay together as the dogs are so close to each other.

Rose and Blaise are typical of the breed. Affectionate and loyal, and good with children and other dogs having lived in a busy family home. Neither dog is dominant at all.

They are both well trained, but as is often typical they can be nervous at noises so they are not let off the lead outside and need a large, secure garden.

Rose and Blaise are currently in South Wales, but we welcome applicants from anywhere in mainland UK. If you would like to be considered please fill out the adoption form, which can be found via the sign up button on the EMDW&R facebook page. If you have completed this previously, please send us a message so we can re-visit your application.

Please contact Peter (EMDC (UK)Breed rescue coordinator): 07490 986674
or the Estrela Mountain Dog Welfare and Rescue who we now work alongside. *Rose and Blaise bought to us through the Estrela Mountain Dog Welfare and Rescue.


Now Homed


Meet Oscar and Rose. They were both two years old and looking for a new home either together or separately.

Oscar is an entire male, he’s always lived outside and been reared around small children. He’s strong on the lead and barks with excitement when he sees other dogs so would need some firm but kind training to address this. Oscar would need to be neutered. He is boisterous and has hasn’t lived in a house before. He could live with a sensible medium to large spayed bitch. He is untested with cats.


Rose is a spayed bitch. She is used to children but untested with cats. She could live with other dogs with proper introductions. Rose is calmer than Oscar and medium in size.


Re-homed by the Estrela Mountain Dog Welfare & Rescue, thank you for helping both of these dogs in their hour of need.

For more information about becoming a foster carer, adopting or about previous dogs we have helped, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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