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Puppies and the Covid-19 Pandemic

The EMDC UK is aware of a substantial increase in the price of puppies during the Covid 19 pandemic as a result of increased demand for puppies and some breeders taking advantage of this situation.

We would like to help puppy buyers make informed decisions about the breed, so we would like to draw your attention to the following points:

This breed lives for approximately 11 years, sometimes longer, and taking on a dog should not be done without due consideration.

The current recommended prices for Estrela mountain dog puppies in the UK from KC registered and health tested parents is £1000 to £1500. Higher prices to not equate to quality.

Deposits may be required to a reserve a puppy but should not be requested before the puppy is born, and nobody should pay in full for a puppy before collection.

Puppies should be seen in the home with their mother

Puppies must not be sold before the age of 8 weeks

Puppies must by law be microchipped and registered to the breeder

Puppies should appear happy and healthy, not fearful or lethargic

Puppies should come with Kennel Club registration papers and owner transfer form

In order to ensure a healthy puppy as far as possible, the following checks should be made on the parents before breeding:

Both parents should be hip scored and results will be available to see on the KC health test finder service, or if the dog was scored overseas the breeder should be able to show the certificates.

Parents may also be elbow scored and heart tested which the breeder should be able to provide proof of.

Breeders should be a member of the breed community and preferably belong to at least one of the two KC recognised breed clubs.

If you require further information on the breed please visit or contact Camille Lambert, on

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